Danielle’s Testimonial

August 30, 2012

Dear Ara,

I am not even sure where to start. You have been such an incredible person to our family and there honestly are no words to explain what you mean to us. You have taken care of the most important person in our life and did so with so much kindness, love and patience. The care and education you have given Lukie goes way past his letters and numbers… you have taught him how to be an outstanding little person (and I know I didn’t teach him that – even though I have tried).

He is always so excited to go to “Miss Ara’s” and that in itself means more to me than ANYTHING. His happiness is of the utmost importance to us and you have made his second year of life an amazing one. Planting, cooking, walks to the park, face painting, jump houses, water play, building puzzles, you have done a tremendous job education him on so many different levels. You have given him the skills and encouragement to excel at the net stage of life and we thank you for that dearly.

The trust and appreciation that we have in you is what makes saying goodbye so hard but we are so happy for you and Tim. You both deserve the best in life and we wish you well on your new adventure (and marriage). We look forward to coming out and visiting you and seeing your new place soon.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING Ara. You are an amazing person and a fantastic teacher.



Danielle & Gary



We will miss all of the great art projects Luke would come home with!!