Kerri’s Testimonial

July 1, 2010

Prospective Parents of Ara’s Angels:

Hi, my name is Kerri and I have 3 boys aged 6, 4 and almost 3. I have to tell you that for our family Ara has been a godsend and I know that if you decide to send your children to Ara’s you will be in for a wonderful experience as well for your child and family.

My children have received the best care from Ara for over 5 years. My two youngest were in her care from 4 months old until now and my oldest since he was 13 months old. She provides the most loving, caring, calming and nurturing environment for your child to grow up with and at the same time also teaches them discipline and the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

She cares deeply about each child and they all seem to have this attraction to her that is just amazing. She has plenty of activities to keep them busy and they always come home brimming with excitement to show you what they have done each day and what they have learned. My children always looked forward to seeing her everyday and even my six year old still gets excited to come back and visit her regularly.

My boys are very loving, caring, well behaved (for the most part, they are boys after all) but also know how to have fun which I attribute to the care that she has provided to them. She focuses on teaching them healthy ways to eat and eve involves them in planting different things in the garden each season, which they love.

She potty trained all three of my kids with the last two by the age of 2 1/2. Finally, for me she has just been an extension of my family. She is such a strong, positive and fun person I am sure your child will be in love in no time.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at anytime (please call Ara’s Angels at (951) 427-5766┬áto receive Kerri’s contact information). I hope that you decide to make this the place for your child’s care and that you come to feel that she is just an extension of your family as I have.