Victoria’s Testimonial

July 13th, 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

My son, Daniel, attends Ara’s Angels and I highly recommend them to any parent who is as concerned about their child as I am about mine.

I am a single mom and work full time for a community college. I began my search for a child care center many months before Daniel’s birth.

My interaction with Ara and the feedback of the parents told me Ara’s Angels would fulfill virtually perfectly my requirements for the case I desired for Daniel. I found Ara’s Angels able to provide a balance between a nurturing loving environment with just the correct mix of creative and developmentally stimulating atmosphere. I did visit many other centers, but found them to be lacking in one way or another.

The conclusion I reached after researching all of them was that none of them compared to Ara’s Angels.

Two years later, I would still choose Ara’s Angels if I had to pick a child care center again.



Teacher’s Note: Daniel was a star student. By one and a half he could identify over half of his ABC’s, knew all of his colors, and almost all of his shapes. He also participated in Circle Time songs and knew the Pledge of Allegiance.