Animals at Ara's Angels Preschool in Norco, CA

We are firm believers in teaching children how to care for and love their animal friends. Each of Ara’s Angels is more than welcome to enjoy hands-on learning experiences with:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Chickens
  • Goats

Animal care is integrated into our educational system to make it more exciting and interactive. In the past, Ara’s Angels has included guinea pigs, birds, dogs and cats with our daily activities. There are so many benefits to introducing children to animals, from improving their self-esteem to teaching them about responsibility, encouraging social skills development and most importantly, teaching them to love.

Now that we’re in Norco, we can include even more variety, and we’re well on the way to building our very own petting zoo! Our child-friendly chickens and pygmy goats provide friendship and all sorts of learning experiences to each of Ara’s Angels.

Our animals offer a variety of safe, fun and exciting learning experiences, fromĀ finding out about the life cycle by watching chickens lay and hatch eggs, to learning about responsibility by taking care of pygmy goats. Participating in our rural lifestyle program is a fun experience sure to encourage your child’s inner farm-hand!