Arts & Crafts

Ara's Angels Preschool in Norco - Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts make up one of the core components of each day at Ara’s Angels Preschool & Daycare. Virtually every day we partake in some kind of Arts & Crafts project, typically incorporating a learning activity related to the day’s Circle Time┬álessons and usually involving tasks to improve their abilities for counting, recognizing shapes and colors, and fine tuning motor-skills.

Many Arts & Crafts projects are prominently displayed throughout our classroom so that students can feel a sense of achievement, learn to be proud of the things that they create, show them to their friends and parents and understand that they have made an important contribution to the class by participating with the rest of the group. Arts & Crafts projects are sent home with students when it comes time to make room to display new projects.

Examples of Arts & Crafts activities include creating scenes for each of the four seasons, making diagrams of the growth of a plant from a seed, and making something related to upcoming holidays. By creating these types of projects, our students learn about their world, improve their mastery of numbers, colors and shapes, and increase their attention spans all while having a great time!