Gardening at Ara's Angels Daycare in Norco, CA

Gardening teaches children about their role in the greater ecosystem. We love gardening, and so do our students!

Not only is gardening fun, but it’s also incredibly educational. Learning to germinate and sow seeds or to plant, feed, water and harvest vegetables teaches children about the cycle of life and gives them a feeling of being connected to their environment.

Gardening helps them connect to the Norco-style rural lifestyle in an urban environment, which is in danger of being overshadowed by technology. Growing a garden helps our students to learn about and experience the real world in a fun, interesting and exciting way!

Our gardening program increases students self-esteem, helps them develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, and it lets them get involved in the learning process with hands-on experience.

Gardening has also shown to improve children’s attitudes toward eating fruits and vegetables, making them more likely to eat (and enjoy) them, improving their health and long-term lifestyle choices.

Studies have proven that eating fruits and vegetables during childhood correlates to healthy eating habits as a teen and an adult and we believe that the best way to encourage our students to eat healthy is to let them grow their own organic food.